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Our Story

Anie Rouleau founded Baléco in 2012 with one goal in mind, to help businesses and individuals reduce their environmental impact. The solution? A responsibly sourced catalog of eco-friendly alternatives to conventional home and office cleaning products and accessories. Quickly, Baléco became renowned for their OH line of fragrance free, concentrated, bulk products destined for the B2B market. 

In 2016, we launched The Unscented Company across North America. A complete line of unscented, refillable, home and body care destined to the retail market. 

Today our mission is more relevant than ever before. We are proud to be part of a worldwide movement to end single-use plastic packaging by offering take-home or in-store refill solutions for all our products.

Our commitment goes beyond products and packaging. We are a Certified B Corporation, a growing community of more than 2000 companies working together toward 1 unifying goal: to redefine success in business. We aspire to meet the highest standards of verified performance, transparency, and accountability, taking into account workers, our local community and the environment.


We’re not just a soap company. We believe we can redefine the notion of clean by offering natural home and body care products that are unscented and refillable.


Our Brands

The Unscented Company Brand - A division of Baléco Inc.

Our Sustainability Commitment



B Corp

We are committed to building a purpose-driven business. Becoming a Certified B Corp in 2015 was a natural move, consistent with the foundation of our core values: social and environmental responsibility, openness and partnership with local suppliers.

We believe it’s the most concrete and overt way for us to establish and measure our goals for improvement in all spheres of the business. Together, we want to increase our positive impact!

Here are a few commitments that led us to become the first Canadian cleaning and body care products company to obtain B Corp Certification:

  • Follow a local purchasing policy; (99% of our suppliers are located in Canada)
  • Give employees 20 hours of paid volunteer time per year dedicated to social and environmental causes chosen collectively
  • Demonstrate transparent business practices by divulging all ingredients used in product manufacturing
  • Offer a refill option for all our products.


We care about the impact of our products on waterways. Our products are readily biodegradable in 28 days following OECD guidelines.

Certified Leaping Bunny

We strive to provide safe quality products and we believe this can be achieved without animal testing. Therefore, we are proud to be certified cruelty-free by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ Leaping Bunny Program

Made in Canada

Our products and almost all of our packaging is made in Canada from easily recyclable components. We are proud to foster lasting partnerships with our suppliers while supporting our local economy and diminishing our transportation footprint.

What's New


Our Team


Anie Rouleau
Founder + CEO

Why not use a strong leadership to create inspiring, socially and environmentally innovative businesses? Proactive, Anie Rouleau didn’t have to ponder this question long.

A Montrealer born to a business-oriented family, Baléco’s Founding CEO knows how to do business without compromising her values and convictions. That’s why she chose to redefine the notion of clean by creating a line of ecofriendly home and body care products designed for conscious living.

In 1992, Anie graduates from the University of Ottawa with a degree in Business, majoring in Finance. She joins Hydrocom International, the family business. Quickly made Vice-President, she leaves Quebec to start Hydrocom USA in Birmingham, Alabama. When the family business is sold, she is offered the role of President for Maclean Power Systems’ Canadian branch, before becoming President at Société de Gestion du Commensal.

Trilingual, open to the world, Anie runs on new challenges. Her values guide her choices. Fervent defender of local sourcing, she sits on different committees, including Made in Montreal. Women leadership and ethics being causes close to her heart, she is a mentor for young women in business. She is also part of Quebec entrepreneurship promotion groups.

Anie strongly believes that a business’ social values are no obstacles to its profitability and financial viability. That is why she is a BCorp ambassador, giving conferences on this new business model. HEC, UQAM, and ETS also invite her as a guest speaker to discuss the importance of including one’s values at the heart of one’s business management.

Mother of two, Anie is driven by her desire to protect future generations. By investing in innovation and eco-design within an industry which sets his sight far from sustainable development issues, she seeks with Baléco to define tomorrow’s business as a transparent entity, respectful of its employees, the community and the environment.

Steven Balit
VP Operations

Halina Torresan
Sustainable Marketing Director


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