Baleco is the first cleaning and body care product company in Canada to become a Certified B Corporation

A unique concept

Anie started her business in 2011 with one main purpose in mind: to reduce the inconsiderate use of plastic bottles. Three years later, this vision has become reality as the company calculated that through their unique refill concept, over 26 000 plastic bottles were removed from circulation in 2014. Beyond the reduction of our collective plastic footprint, Rouleau is determined to completely redefine the notion of clean which is why her company offers a complete line of unscented home and body care products. ''In a context where clean is equated with synthetic fragrances of lemon and mountain dew containing potentially harmful ingredients, we offer our products as a breath\ of fresh air and strive to make a difference on how people perceive clean.''

''Becoming a B Corporation now gives us a higher sense of responsibility towards our stakeholders and pushes us to constantly rethink our work habits and processes. It also provides our customers and partners with concrete and measurable evidence that we can walk the talk.'' says Anie.

Now part of a global movement for better business, Baleco intends to pursue its mission of providing a sustainable alternative to cleaning and body care. ''We want to show that it is economically viable to conduct our business in a way that is in harmony with people and the planet.'' says Anie in a closing remark.

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Montreal, Quebec, October 1st, 2015,

Baleco is the first cleaning and body care product company in Canada to become a Certified B Corporation. It is with much enthusiasm that we announce that Baleco, creators of unscented, smartly designed, eco-friendly cleaning and body care products have recently earned certification as a B Corporation, an acknowledgement to the company’s continued commitment to higher standards of corporate social and environmental responsibility. Baleco now joins over 1300 B Corporations globally, sharing one unifying goal: redefining success in business.

‘’Baleco is so proud to be a part of this new collective of companies'' says Baleco’s founder and CEO, Anie Rouleau. ‘The positive impact that existing B Corporations are having within their communities and beyond borders is contagious. It's inspiring to see that together; B Corporations can completely disrupt our traditional vision of success in the business world.''

Here are a few engagements that granted Baleco its B Corp Certification::

  • Local purchasing policy; 99% of its suppliers are located in Quebec.
  • Employees are given 20 hours of paid volunteer time per year dedicated to social and environmental causes chosen collectively by employees.
  • Demonstrating transparent business practices by divulging all ingredients used in product manufacturing.
  • Offering a refill option for all of its products.